Jackie Wong

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Business Development Manager, Chain Technology Development Co.

Hong Kong, China

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the evolution of AEC and infrastructure development—with so many new concepts and technologies. Even practitioners of the arts of surveying, mapping, and engineering must juggle learning new methods and machinations while assuring clients, partners, and stakeholders that all of this BIM, AI, digital twins, and reality capture make a difference. Putting it all into context and making the concepts accessible and understandable for the non-practitioner—that is a true art. As xyHt attends various infrastructure events, we keep running into one particular talented business development artist: the dynamic Jackie Wong.

Wong is the business development manager for Chain Technology, a startup in Hong Kong’s famed Science Park (HKSP). HKSP is a crucible within a crucible: an innovation hub in a city that is a global hub of infrastructure innovation—on an epic scale. Wong is active in the Hong Kong Institute of Civil and Building Information Modeling and other AEC organizations. In her career she has given seminars and presented internationally lauded, advanced BIM and reality-capture projects, such as two at the Bentley Year in Infrastructure events in 2017 and 2018. Her presentation style makes the projects interesting and accessible to general audiences as well as advanced practitioners. Wong is a champion for hybrid reality, as recently demonstrated for use in facility management for HKSP: a mix of mesh, cloud, AI, location intelligence, and streaming data for better decision making.

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