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Outlook 2020

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Click on the cover below to view the Outlook 2020 print issue. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout January): Forecasts in Geospatial Technologies and Applications: Positively Surveying Trends in Terrestrial Laser Scanning 3D and Geospatial Infrastructure GNSS: Triple-frequency Constellations The Reality of Digital Construction UAVs Beyond Visual Line of Sight Mapping […]

Outlook 2020’s 40 Under 40

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The following is xyHt’s 2020 collection of 40 under 40: profiles of motivated and accomplished young professionals under 40 years of age. Click on each name to view their profiles below. Kwabena Obeng Asiam Researcher & Lecturer – Leibniz University Published PhD candidate in land administration; FIG Young Surveyors Ghana Evaluating the evidence and making […]

Positively Surveying: A 2020 Vision for Geospatial Professions

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I’m imagining a world. It’s not a dream. It’s coming, and soon. One in which we bring data from the field and step into a virtual reality (VR) environment made by our data points that we uploaded to the cloud. Where we’re crafting and sharing our surveys in 3D and real-time, in collaboration with surveyors […]

Remote Sensing with Satellites

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The commercial satellite remote-sensing industry has rapidly evolved over the past two decades, from both the technology and market perspectives, so that satellite imagery has become an integral part of many industries. For example, national, high-resolution maps greatly benefit the civil government and mapping portal industry, especially with cities refreshed on an annual or more-frequent […]

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Mapping the Ocean Floor

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It is said that we know less about our own planet than we do of the Moon and Mars. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and yet we have a far-from-complete understanding of what lies at the seabed. Understanding the shape of the seafloor will enable us to effectively manage resources, […]

Digital Twins for Utilities

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More and more cities are recognizing the tremendous benefits that a digital twin provides to: its planners, those responsible for operations and maintenance of city infrastructure including utilities, private architects and engineers striving for compliance with city ordinances and by-laws, and the public. Among the elements essential to developing successful digital twins is recognizing that […]