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40 Under 40, 2017: Stuart Warnock



STUART WARNOCK is a registered professional land surveyor and a GIS professional who is making his mark on the surveying community, professional associations, and education outreach for the professions.The name of his firm, Pioneer Mapping, is a nod to a broader view of the types of services surveyors provide. Stuart said, “Surveying is not going away, and neither is GIS. They serve different needs but complement each other. There will always be a need for the cadastral side of things—boundary dispute resolution, records research, case law—that will always be under the purview of land surveying. GIS is more of a way to visualize and understand different data sets, and when you combine those two you get really powerful tools.”

Stuart majored in industrial technology at the University of Texas in Tyler and then worked for several firms performing land surveying and GIS administra- tion for energy, land development, and construction clients. He developed as-built surveying and GIS data-management solutions for corporate asset management, and he organized surveying and field engineering support for as-built, topographic, and construction staking operations. Just over a year ago, he founded his own company.

Stuart has become well known in the surveying community locally and nationally, working in education and outreach efforts and serving as a Texas delegate to the NSPS Young Surveyor’s Network. He has been heavily involved in educating children and the public about land surveying and other spatial professions by assisting with summer learning camps, teaching boy scout classes, presenting at schools and career fairs, and serving on professional education committees. Stuart is viewed as a potential future leader at the national level.

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