Sarah Winter

Sarah WinterDirector of SurvCE Programming Division at Carlson Software

Carlson has bragging rights in not only developing new approaches but also responding to and adopting new features from a very loyal user base; Sarah Winter is a key member of the software development team at Carlson. She’s from Sissonville, West Virginia, is a mother of three, and loves books (don’t challenge her to trivia about literature!). She got her undergraduate degree in electrical engineering but took a job in firmware development directly after college.

 Sarah appreciates direct interaction with customers and dealers. She knows many of them personally and feels like she can pick up the phone and contact them directly about a problem, or even drive to meet them on site. Sarah notes, “With all of the onsite debugging and customer and manufacturing support we provide, it’s not the strict desk job that a lot of people think of when they imagine someone who works with software.”  The small-company feel is what Sarah loves about her job.


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