Flatdog Media

Flatdog Media publishes xyHt print and digital magazine, a blog, and two enewsletters. 

We’re comprised of a small staff; our office is in Frederick, MD but our writers and editors live and work internationally.

Click on each name for bios, photos, and articles for and about staff members.

Publishing Staff

  • Neil Sandler, Publisher Flatdog Media Logo
  • Shelly Cox, Editor in Chief
  • Gavin Schrock, PLS, Editor
  • Karen Peacock, Creative Director
  • Chuck Boteler, Director of Sales and Business development
  • Angie Duman, Accounting and Administration,
  • Jeff Salmon, Writer and Editor of Pangaea and Located
  • Dave Doyle, Geodesy Editor
  • Dave Brown, Editor of Heights
  • Sonja Sandler, Web Support
  • Claire Napier, Proofreader

Regular Contributing Writers

Flatdog Media” Comment

  1. Hi Dawn, I’m sorry to send you down another avenue to solve this, but we at the magazine office do not manage the mailing. If you call the company that does (they’re called ICN), they can make your changes. Their number is (215) 458-8543.

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