Industry Profile: Nickson Odieny Onyango

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Nickson Odieny OnyangoGeospatial Specialist/GIS Developer at Coretec Systems & Solutions

Kenya has seen rapid growth in science and technology, health services, land management, development, social action, environmental studies, education, economic empowerment, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian relief. In all of these areas, geospatial sciences have played pivotal roles, and they’re of specific interest, both personally and professionally, to Nickson Odieny Onyango.

Following geography, GIS, and remote sensing studies at Moi University, Nickson has contributed his skills to an impressive list of national initiatives: for example, GPS mapping and database registry of more than 72,000 learning institutions countrywide, GIS monitoring of semi-arid lands, and geospatial analysis for management of national public health services. He then enrolled in the MS for GIS program at the University of Nairobi. Now serving as a developer for a GIS systems and solutions firm, Nickson continues to give back to the geospatial community by mentoring numerous students, as reflected in the heartfelt testimonials we received from his multiple nominators.


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Industry Profile: Nickson Odieny Onyango” Comments

  1. This is awesome Nick. Keep it up

  2. Proud of you. All the best.

  3. Really inspiring.Always sharing great stuff on GIS on the Internet.May God bless you as you embrace this technology.Awesome

  4. Nick, this is just marvelous. I’m proud to be your colleague at this time working together. Well done.

  5. Keep it up and All the best

  6. ISELE!!!! congrats Man!!! This is awesome job. Keep it up !!

  7. Ttue story indeed,Nix has nurtured many of us in the Geospatial field and he continues to nurture more

  8. Congratulations Nickson! Way to go. Proud of you.

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