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xyHt Weekly News Recap: 2/12/2021

senseFly Expands Line of Fixed-Wing Drones Trimble Introduces Next Generation of 3D Paving Control Bluesky Creates First 3D Map of Northern Ireland Coastline NSPS 2021 Student Competition WiBotic Launches Software Package for Robot Fleets Drones Made in America Photogrammetry Company Matterport to Go Public in $3 Billion Deal  

The Early Days of 3D Scanning, Part 6

1998: Launching 3D Laser Scanning into the Market I had the good fortune to be deeply involved with a pioneering vendor of 3D laser scanners and point cloud software. As I consider where that technology is today – a multi-billion dollar per year industry, the valuable benefits it has delivered to so many organizations and...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mobile Mapping

Explaining the tools and technology behind mobile mapping devices for experienced laser scanning professionals looking to make the jump to this new technology. In its short life, the market for 3D as-built documentation technology has seen considerable innovation. Among the myriad new tools to hit this market, nothing has changed the way we capture buildings...

xyHt Weekly News Links: 9/18/20

Esri Releases 4th Edition of Getting to Know Web GIS Trimble Acquires MdStates VRS MGISS Reveals Underground Highway Assets IGARSS 2020 Hosts Geospatial Business Startup Workshop Spectra Receiver Chosen for Around-the-World Yacht Race Esri Acquires nFrames to Enhance 3D Capabilities

xyHt Weekly News Links: 6/12/2020

*Click here to visit xyHt’s Virtual Trade Show* Last Call for AEM Hall of Fame Nominations Lidar Finds Oldest and Largest Maya Monument What Lies Ahead for 3D City Modeling? Senators Want to Hear from FCC on Ligado Decision

Hidden Infrastructure in 3D: Visualizing with AR

A visualization platform overlays data displays on your view of a job site by fusing data, AR software, and mobile-device sensors. From Superman’s x-ray vision, to current technologies that use radio waves to sense objects through walls. The ability, fictional or actual, to “see” through obstacles has long been a source of fascination. (Above: An...