Emilie Novaczek

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PhD Candidate, Marine Geomatics Research Lab, Memorial University Newfoundland & Labrador


While still at the beginning of her career, Emilie Novaczek has already gained the attention of the marine mapping and research community as well as acclaim for her work in related youth education, volunteer coordination, and mentorship. And Novaczek does a lot of diving: in the beautiful (but cold) waters of Newfoundland Canada, as a graduate researcher, and simply for her love of the sea. All through her studies at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia for a BSc (with honors) in Sustainability and Society, Biology, Novaczek has been active in outreach for science and STEM, but for marine science in particular. An example is her work as a program coordinator for I.T.S. for GIRLS! (Industry, Technology, & Science), a science club designed to connect girls with mentors from their community while developing skills and interest in science.

Novaczek’s work as a research diver has taken her to different corners of the world, but she still finds time for studies while continuing work as a mentor, teaching assistant, and a GIS instructor at Memorial University of Newfoundland—where she will soon complete her doctorate. For the past four years, she has also been an interpreter, diver, and social media coordinator for the Petty Harbor Mini-Aquarium. Geospatial careers do not have to be about sitting at a desk sweating over code. Novaczek is an example of how a young person can forge a geo career that also includes adventure, environmental stewardship, educational outreach, and hands-on (or should we say mask- and fins-on) experiences.

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