Help Shape the Future of Surveying – SaGES 2019

Your input is requested. Surveying professionals and practitioners are invited to weigh in on matters of surveying and geomatics education, succession planning, branding, promotion, and outreach.

The 27th national biennial meeting of the Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society (SaGES) will be held August 4th – August 8th, 2019 at Nicholls State University, in Thibodaux, Louisiana (near New Orleans).

Co-hosted by SaGES and the geomatics program of Nicholls State University, this biennial event has become a lively forum for matters of formal surveying and geomatics education, but has grown to cover broader challenges—and opportunities—for the profession. I’ve attended a number of SaGES events and know that the broad-ranging dialogue represents “front line” facets of the future of surveying. Here are a few topics to consider:

  • How can the profession keep up with the rising demand for surveyors amid the current uptick in infrastructure development?
  • How has mentoring evolved in the age of automation?
  • How can the profession preserve the critical fundamentals of surveying and also prepare surveying and geomatics students for the evolving workplace?
  • How can surveying grow a brand that informs and educates our clientele, growing markets, and the general public about the valuable and critical work that we do?

This is your opportunity to provide some direct input to the front line of the future of the profession. Consider sending someone from your state society or local chapter, or have your society sponsor (if they have not already done so) the attendance of an educator (or educators) and/or student(s) from your local surveying program—or attend yourself (you know you’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans). And the event can count towards professional development hours (PDH).

We see great ideas for the future of surveying (Ok, and occasionally some not-so-great ideas) being discussed on surveying forums and social media, so how about bringing those ideas and feedback to a national organization that is in the position to act on ideas? And if you can’t attend, please send your input and ideas to SaGES via their website.

The SaGES 2019 agenda and registration can be found at the conference website.

Help Shape the Future of Surveying – SaGES 2019” Comment

  1. This is a very simple approach, but it takes a behavioral change. The public often has a simple view of surveyors and often don’t know the effort of becoming a license surveyor.

    In this economy, people, especially young people are looking for ways to make money, but also want to face challenges and overcome obstacles as they grow into their professions.

    The approach is this, charge more. If you want to get someone involved in this profession, make them see that there is money to be made. Charge more and we surveyors will have the respect of the public. Charge more and your services will improve because you will have an adequate amount of time to produce a great product. Charge more to get these young folks to take notice. Let them see you can make money taking a chance on this career.

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