Gizem Karslioglu

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Technical Support Engineer, Seiler Instrument

Indiana, USA

“I would encourage folks when they pursue studies in natural sciences to consider their preferences, not their background,” says Gizem Karslioglu. “If you like spending your time outside and not behind a desk, you should be ready to try geo careers. Geo careers can have you working on an agricultural project one day, and another day you might be on a land surveying project. If you like trying new instruments and the ability to test them on numerous subjects, you should definitely consider pursuing a geospatial career.”

Karslioglu has a background in applied physics, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from Ankara University, Turkey, where she also served as a research assistant in semi-conductor physics, and she interned in the department of biophysics and renewable energy at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. In another posting, Gizem worked in R&D and quality control, and her current role is as a technical support engineer for Seiler Instrument.

Karslioglu’s true passion is physics, “applying all my theoretical knowledge on geospatial work,” and she adds, “Especially when applied in the field, this is inspiring.” Karslioglu says that all engineering areas are linked through physics. “When you study, for instance, the relationships between satellites, GNSS instruments, and radio frequency, you can understand how you implement physics on geospatial instruments.”

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