xyHt Digital Magazine: January 2022

Like a good surveyor, xyHt‘s January issue covers a lot of ground, bringing you stories about surveying, lidar, legal issues and, this month’s special, a look at 22 Young Geospatial Professionals to Watch in 2022.

As always, if you don’t have a subscription to our print edition, or if someone else in the office has snaffled your copy, don’t fret, here is the digital edition. Click here or on the cover to the right, to view the January 2022 issue of xyHt magazine; or better yet, click here to have us send you a free copy of the print issue.

Here are some highlights:

22 Young Professionals to Watch in 2022: Geospatial professionals are pushing boundaries no one could have seen even just a few years ago. And much of that change is being driven by a new generation entering the field, many drawn by the fancy technology that is now prevalent in the industry.

A Glimpse into the Future: On the threshold of 2022, technology in the surveying field seems to change by the hour. And it’s making surveyors more relevant.

Dis-Located: The border between Maryland and Virginia is the Potomac River, but how that came to be and the consequences it has had creates a very interesting story.

What Will 2022 Bring for UAVs?: Will regulations regarding BVLOS operation of drones finally come to fruition in 2022. Not likely says xyHt writer Juan Plaza. Here’s the outlook.

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