xyHt Magazine October 2017 Issue

To view the October 2017 issue as it appears in full in print, click the cover:

October 2017 xyHt

Articles from this issue include:

  • Organic Integration of UAS: A mapping and design firm in the Pacific Northwest implements UAS in diverse urban and rural environments.

  • Unmanned Lidar in the Air: A discourse on UAV lidar from the perspectives of a vendor and a user.

  • SWAMS: Using GIS for utility asset management: the Water Supply Asset Management System

  • UAV 2.0: An upgrade to its UAV capability yields impressive results for a Missouri engineering firm.

  • Equipment Theft: We’re battling surveying and mapping equipment theft in South Florida and across the state, and we need your help.

  • The Surprising HP Z2 Workstation

  • Yaw, Pitch, and Roll: Nautical lidar works for a waterway bridge replacement project in Boston.

  • Raising the Confidence Level: A surveyor’s most important deliverable emerges from detailed analysis and quality control

  • Doer Ted Engle, service department manager at The PPI Group



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