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Preserving Florida’s Sea Turtles

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Technology helps track endangered marine life, saving sea turtles one nest at a time The sun is barely rising above the water along the Florida coastline, but groups of people are already walking the beach, notebooks in hand, eyes focused on the sand, pausing, kneeling, pointing. They are here as they are every spring to […]

Breaking Old Ground

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Hunting dinosaur fossils in South Dakota with modern GIS and geospatial technologies Years from now, paleontologists all over the world may have Tom Hebert’s 8-year-old daughter to thank for advancing knowledge and the speed with which data about dinosaurs discoveries and the ancient world can be processed and understood.  “One summer I asked her if she wanted […]

Incompetence V. Negligence

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Do incompetence and negligence mean the same thing? If you check standard references on torts, it seems that while negligence is a stand-alone tort (a civil wrong), incompetence is not. Incompetence is sometimes referred to as an element of the tort of negligence and incompetents are sometimes put away for their own good and the […]

Uncovering History

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Cincinnati State students preserve a pre-European Native American historical site in Indiana Some members of the 2021 land surveying class at Cincinnati State have been busy bringing history back to life near the city of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. This team of students had the opportunity to survey the site of a village where indigenous people lived […]

Tunnelling to a New Approach

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A surveyor switches from conventional technology to the Trimble SX12, enabling her to match the frenetic pace at six times the speed of multiple-person crews.

Protecting Urban History

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Researchers demonstrate how lidar, combined with imagery and hyperspectral data, helps prevent costly damage to historic buildings in urban construction zones. With every new underground urban rail or roadway tunnel, deep foundation shaft for a new building, or even simple streetscape upgrade, historically significant archi­tecture in older city centers can become vulnerable. Earth displacement from […]