GeoArt: Velocity Made Good

All of her artworks, says Perri Howard, “involve the relationship between human perception and sense of place.”

Sculpture, painting, drawing, writing, and sound are some of the mediums with which Perri Howard expresses her spatially inspired art. The name of her studio is a nautical term: “Velocity Made Good,” which means the element of a sailing vessels’ velocity that’s in the direction of the true wind.

From an artist, navigator, sailor, pilot, art teacher, curator, and adventurer, Howard’s art celebrates order in form and the geospatial. “I love that people understand the world as a place of order, even when that order is compromised in the face of natural disasters, navigational lapses, and lost connections.

“Even when chaos presents, there is always an underlying grid, a place into which we all drop a pin, every day of our lives, to stake out a map, a direction, a sense of belonging. We gravitate towards that last known location, a point on the horizon, our nearest friend.” Expect to see more of her work in upcoming issues.


Caption: This painting, titled “Muscat,” was derived from one of the place names in the aeronautical chart that is collaged into the work. It’s from the “Departures” series, a group of paintings on the relationship between human nature and the nature of flight. Sectional charts, symbols, and elements of the flight environment are featured in these mixed-media works on panel.


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