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40 Under 40, 2017: Rui Wu




ONE CHALLENGE that comes with developing and marketing new, advanced technological solutions is to get not only the customers up to speed but also sales and support personnel. This is where the role of a technical sales engineer is essential, being able to parachute a highly skilled engineer into a situation and ensure everything will work for the customer. Trimble recruits promising engineers from all over the world and puts them through a rotation, working in various groups and with different product lines. At the end of his or her rotation period, each participant presents to peers and management. The otherwise-reserved Rui Wu is said to have hit hers out of the park.

Rui studied GIS and remote sensing at Peking University in China. She continued her education at Ohio State University where she earned her second MS degree. During her studies in Ohio, she worked as a research assistant on NASA’s Mars project, processing many photos from NASA’s Curiosity rover.

Rui joined Trimble Navigation in 2012. She values making sure cus- tomers understand fully the technologies they’re using. Often she gets to “study” with the latest product before it’s introduced to the market; then she shares her experience with her colleagues and company partners to help them become experts. They know that Rui is their go-to person when they’re unsure about a product.

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