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40 Under 40, 2017: Todd Foster



IN THIS YEAR’S ISSUE we had been looking for individuals or firms successful in taking advantage of modernization and maintaining high standards and best practices—boosting efficiency without compromising fun- damentals. Milestone Survey and its managing director Todd Foster fit the bill. In addition to offering traditional surveying services, Milestone specializes in site and control establishment, integrity monitoring, and support for construction, mining, and utilities.

To be fair, accolades also belong to Deborah Foster who brought her own skills in innovation and high-tech-solutions’ adoption to the firm while rapidly learning about geomatics. This geo-power-couple operates the firm’s activities from both sides of the Pacific, managing operations and data with numerous cloud-based solutions. These include Asana, iAuditor, Evernote, Chrome Remote Desktop, Bluebeam Revu, smartpens, TimeTracker, and Dragon Dictation. The excitement is not about gee-whiz apps and tools—each of these has yielded measurable efficiencies.

Todd’ s innovation was preceded by fundamentals. He attended pre-tertiary courses at Marist Regional College to prepare to enter the University of Tasmania where he earned his Bachelor of Geomatics in Surveying Technology. After serving two years as a graduate surveyor in a private surveying consultancy firm, Todd worked with firms supporting major dam projects. In 2011 Todd established Milestone Survey, which is expanding services throughout Australian and into the U.S.

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