Chan Rithy Seng

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Survey Engineer, Chihe Pre & Re Engineering Ltd.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

At the first FIG Young Surveyors Asia-Pacific Meeting in 2014, attendees got to meet peers from among the 44 countries represented. The representative from Cambodia, Chan Rithy Seng, made quite an impression with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the profession and related technologies, and engaging personality. Seng is an outstanding representative for surveying in Cambodia, a country experiencing pronounced growth in infrastructure development. He works for Chihe Pre & Re Engineering Ltd., a progressive firm that provides a wide range of geomatics and engineering expertise to their clients and is often on the leading edge in related technologies.

Because of the current infrastructure and development boom, Seng’s being both an engineer and a surveyor brings much-needed perspective to the profession. He earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh and has worked as a survey manager and project manager in cadastral and surveying equipment sales engineer roles, as a construction project manager, and currently as a survey engineer.

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