Charles Teng

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Product Marketing Manager, Topcon Positioning Systems

California, USA

Some people believe that marketing professionals within the geospatial solutions industry might know a lot about business but not about the hardware and software they sell or the work their customers do. Charles Teng most certainly dispels that stereotype. Teng has done his time in the geomatics field and continues to work hands-on with solutions.

Upon graduating from the world-renowned geomatics program at the University of Calgary, Teng did field work, was a software engineer, and then relocated to Europe to become the product manager and application engineer for a popular surveying instrument/software system (including developing the UI for a series of total stations many of our readers are sure to have used).

Upon returning to Canada, Teng worked in the GNSS field as an application engineer for RTN systems, office software, and structural monitoring systems, and he worked as a surveying-solution support engineer. Teng recently joined Topcon Positioning Systems on a team with many surveyors and engineers in key roles, from Topcon president and CEO Satoshi Hirano to Topcon Positioning Systems CEO Ray O’Connor on down—to include marketing and sales.

He also writes for xyHt

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