Alice Gadney

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Founder & President, Silver7 Mapping & Mini Map-Makers

Bedford, England

“Captain Alice” Gadney’s mission underscores much of the geospatial work done globally: “To help people understand the world around them and their need for a great communications tool—the map.” She applies this mission to her work with industries and organizations through her cartography company, Silver7 Mapping, by creating maps and teaching about data visualization and mapping.

Gadney’s passion, however, is creating “mini map makers”—aka children cartographers. This, her second company, is dedicated to creating and delivering workshops and resources to help children learn “how to read maps and how to relate maps to real places.” Gadney teaches in schools and activity centers and with the Girl Guides and similar groups. She also provides resources that can be adult-led in a school or home-education environment.

Mini Map-Makers was inspired by her creative and curious five-year-old son who wanted his mom to teach his friends about maps. He’s now the company’s artistic director.

Gadney says that she has taught more than 1,500 children and adults about maps, and has “just the next 7.8 million to go!”

Read more about her in xyHt’s article here.  

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