Dale Atkinson

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Director & Cadastral Surveyor, Atkinson & Booy Surveys

Queensland, Australia

The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is a premier organization for promoting excellence in these fields, chiefly in Australia but with growing global recognition. At the 2017 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards in Queensland, few attendees were surprised that the Young Professional of the Year award went to Dale Atkinson. Atkinson has been a strong voice for the advancement of surveying and spatial sciences, has served in leadership roles in the SSSI, and has garnered praise and respect among his peers, all in one eventful decade since entering the profession.

Atkinson earned a Bachelor of Geomatics (with honors) and then a Bachelor of Law at the Queensland University of Technology. He is now the owner of Atkinson & Booy Surveys in Townsville, in the unique and challenging environment of complex cadastral issues of northern Queensland. One of his passions is promoting a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience for surveying students.

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