Rana Charara

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Global Solution Manager, Trimble

Paris, France

Rana Charara is a GNSS solution manager at Trimble Inc., where she leads tender bidding and tender response activities globally, including building long-term relationships with key customers, maintaining existing customers, and developing new business. In the geospatial sector, it is not only essential that a manager in a role such as hers be adept in the business and contract elements, but she must know the subject technology—and Charara is more than qualified in that area. She has done everything from hands-on field GNSS campaigns to R&D in GNSS to satellite radar interferometry.

Charara completed her doctoral studies in geophysics at the famed Pierre and Marie Currie University after graduating with a master’s in geophysics at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and a bachelor’s in survey engineering. With an outstanding education, she started her successful professional career as a post-doctoral in geophysics with the European Space Agency before moving into the industry sector as an R&D engineer in GNSS, then as technical and sales engineer with Geotopo. Her most recent move to Trimble Inc. as sales engineer for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region helped her work her way up to the managerial position she holds today.

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