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Walkaround Mobile Scanning Part 2

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Above: A backpack type of walkaround mobile scanning system was used to capture this site for a standard topo survey. Credit: Wantman Group Inc. Part 2: Applications and addressing challenges In Part 1 of this two-part article, I noted that walkaround mobile scanning is being rapidly adopted by the market. I described it in general […]

Walkaround Mobile Scanning Part 1

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Above: Walkaround mobile scanning is being increasingly used as a go-to tool for as-built surveys of residential properties as an input to remodel design. Credit: Precision Property Measurements. Part 1: Basic types, differences, and advantages. Walkaround mobile scanning includes “backpack,” “push-cart,” “hand-carry,” and “handheld,” but whatever you call it, it’s gaining real momentum in the […]

Life after the Little BLK360 Scanner’s Big Splash

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Above: A “new-user” 1-person firm scanned this complex historic building in five hours with 75 set-ups of the BLK360 and created final drawings. Credit: Southwest Scanning. Almost everyone is familiar with splashy announcements of new products. For much of my career with Trimble and with Leica Geosystems, I personally drove many product introductions, so I’m tuned into […]

Surveyors Are Like Musicians

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Don’t underestimate the value of talent. All 26+ years that I worked in the geospatial industry were with survey instrument manufacturers (Trimble and Leica Geosystems, plus start-up Cyra Technologies). But it was only in the most recent years of my time in the laser scanning segment that a major realization hit me about the full […]

Laser Scanning for GIS and FM

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On the surface, rich laser- scan data seems like a natural, valuable addition to GIS and facility management (FM) solutions—and to related operations and maintenance and asset-management capabilities. Much as the emergence of GPS in the 1990s helped drive GIS adoption and growth, the emergence of laser scanning also feels ready to aid GIS, FM, […]

GeoDude: The Adoption Status of Laser Scanning Today, Part 1

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By Geoffrey Jacobs Note from the editor in chief: In 2006 when I began at this magazine’s predecessor, Professional Surveyor, Geoff Jacobs was already an established 3D scanning columnist, trusted as an industry specialist and read regularly by our subscribers. He’s a significant leader in the field; Geoff is also a pleasure to work with. […]