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Treasure Hunting and the Treasure Hunt

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Editor’s note: The following newspaper article is a view of surveying from the outside that highlights one of the many appealing aspects of surveying that the public might not be aware of. Since its first publication, links to this article rapidly made the rounds of surveying social media; many cite it as a example of […]

Prepping for El Niño

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Above: A portion of a roadway that’s subject to flooding was scanned to perform drainage analysis as well as to map the existing conditions. As the severity of weather increases, so do the benefits of high-definition laser scanning for asset management and damage analysis. Editor’s note: Improvements in, and availability of, tools and resources for precise […]

The Future of Surveying Forum

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A broad coalition forms to chart paths forward for the profession. On January 12 in San Diego, California, a taskforce of representatives from the major surveying-affiliated professional associations and end-use constituencies met for the first phase of an ambitious initiative focused on the future of surveying. This is a wonderful opportunity that could yield profound […]

Visualizing the Perfect Putt

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High-definition laser scanned topography-included in golfing greens contours books-elevates putting performance at the U.S. Open. It was two o’clock in the morning and pitch black, except for the red laser of the scanner. It pierced the darkness, accurately tracing the putting green’s profile. Michael O’Brien was enjoying perfect working conditions on the historic Pinehurst No. […]


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The NGS discusses the upcoming national spatial reference framework modernization. Reference framework shift happens. The National Geodetic Survey (NGS)—the federal steward of the National Spatial Reference Framework (NSRS)—is planning a major (if not fundamental) update of the framework. This pending update is common knowledge among geodetic, surveying, and other geospatial communities.  Among the information circulating […]

Web Mapping Part 3

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Creating a Real Online Map In part 3 of this series (parts 1 and 2 are in the December 2015 and January 2016 issues), we build a web map using Microsoft Windows and Geoserver. We’ll be building this to run on the computer’s “localhost” (, which means that you can run the web map like […]