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40 Under 40, 2017: Bohan Wu


GERMANY DO YOU EVER WONDER who support specialists at your dealers and manufacturers turn to when they’re stumped? Support engineers like Bohan Wu are the vital lifeline for them. People working in the product lines of Trimble infrastructure (reference networks and monitoring) sometimes characterize a technical conundrum as a “Bohan-level” question.

After her freshmen year at Wuhan University in China, Bohan was selected by the university to continue to pursue her BS in engineering, and later her MS in geodesy and geoinformation at the University Stuttgart in Germany. Bohan joined Trimble Germany directly after graduation, offering technical support and training globally for those customers who use network (RTN) and monitoring solutions.

To date, Bohan has supported many RTN administrators as they install, maintain, and upgrade their systems, carefully executing complex upgrades and installs while keeping the flow of data to the end users in the field without interruption. RTN operators say they owe Bohan a debt of gratitude for saving substantial time and costs—and avoiding a lot of heartburn.

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