xyHt Magazine December 2018 Issue

Click on the cover below to view the December 2018 issue of xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout December):

  • 3D Cities from a Single System – a look at a unique hybrid airborne system that combines lidar with oblique and nadir imagery.
  • Who Does SUE? – Subsurface utility engineering isn’t really engineering; it lies at the intersection of surveying and engineering.
  • Tracking Wildlife from the Sky – To uncover the source of cheetahs’ legendary hunting prowess, a researcher used a customized aerial camera to survey, film, and track hunts, with surprising findings. It’s not just about speed. 
  • Above the Mud – To improve water quality in a 500-acre state park, surveyors use drones for drained lakes and the surrounding watershed.
  • GIS in K-12 – Joseph Kerski, PhD, GISP discusses the growth of GIS in schools, the implementation challenges, and much more.
  • The Three E’s – The facilitator for the Surveying and Mapping Department at SCC discusses educating, equipping, and empowering apprentices.
  • Great Gifts for Geospatial Pros – From stocking stuffers to projection systems, industry professionals share great gift ideas for every geospatial pro.
  • Seen at IntergeoxyHt‘s staff discusses what they saw of special interest.
  • Seen at Bentley’s Year in InfrastructurexyHt’s Gavin Schrock gives us his take on this year’s conference.

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