xyHt Magazine Digital Edition: November 2020

xyHt November 2020: here it is! If you don’t have a subscription to our print editions, or if someone else in the office has snaffled your copy, never fear—here’s the digital edition. Click here, or on the cover to the right, to view the November 2020 issue of xyHt magazine.

Articles in the issue include:

(Links will turn live throughout November, as they are shared here on our front page!)

  • The Scan-to-BIM Process: Capture and Extraction: AECOM professionals adopt an integrated approach to best leverage the most current digital technology tools.
  • Surveyors Saving the Wild Pecos River from Itself: Survey helps protect land and wildlife from New Mexico river flooding
  • PDR and the Pandemic: Our Professional Development Record (PDR) hours—CPD in the UK—are a key part of the surveying and geospatial professions.
  • The return of LoranAn obsolete WWII navigation system is making a comeback
  • Grand Surveying in Grand ParisAdvanced solutions for tunneling and monitoring keep Europe’s largest transportation expansion project on track
  • The Early Days of 3D Scanning, Part 6: Launching the Lasers: I had the good fortune to be deeply involved with a pioneering vendor of 3D laser scanners and point cloud software. As I consider where that technology is today – a multi-billion dollar per year industry, the valuable benefits it has delivered to so many organizations and individuals, and its continued upward trajectory –- it’s fun to reflect on how it all started. In Part 6, I dive into the first product launch.

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