Jake Maxwell, PLS

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Chief Surveyor, Municipal Light and Power

Alaska, USA

The geomatics program at the University of Alaska, Anchorage has many accomplished young alumni. Among these is Jake Maxwell, an exemplary student who has gone on to become an exemplary surveyor, moving up the career ladder and supporting the surveying profession and local community.

Maxwell began surveying prior to entering the geomatics program at UAA and continued during the course of his studies. He has worked as a technician for a firm providing global positioning services, then broadened his surveying expertise with a national multi-disciplinary firm, then as a senior surveyor with a prominent local consulting engineering firm. Maxwell was noted as a “mover and shaker” by the local Journal of Commerce.

Maxwell is an Alaskan who has served on the board of the Alaska Society of Professional Surveyors. His most recent job posting is as the chief surveyor for Municipal Power and Light, a large utility that not only encompasses traditional generation and transmission infrastructure but, with a majority interest in a large gas field, also includes a diversity of surveying duties that provide challenges to Maxwell’s leadership role. Peers note that nothing seems to phase him; he thrives on challenges.

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