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Infrastructure, BIM, and the Brothers Bentley

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Infrastructure—the human footprint on the planet, the processes, systems, instrumentalities and built environment we inhabit—makes our lives possible. It provides the foundation for the lives we hope to live in the near and distant future. Modern infrastructure is the global tendrils of humanity, reaching all corners of the globe and binding us together in our […]

HxIP as CaaS

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How a prominent manufacturer of mapping airborne sensors and solutions has partnered with customers to expand its global online content service. At HxGN LIVE 2015, the annual exhibition and conference for Hexagon (parent company of Leica Geosystems), CEO and president Ola Rollén spoke about a new area of focus for the company: content services, or […]

Q&A with Trimble’s Ron Bisio

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Bisio breaks down the as-a-service model, the rollout of the SX10, and smart infrastructure. We look for unfiltered insights from key folks in the geospatial industry, and the most recent INTERGEO exhibition and conference in Berlin was a prime opportunity to corner some of these folks for quick Q&As. One target was Ron Bisio, VP […]

No Roads, No Problem

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A unique drone (the WingtraOne) helps a team meet the environmental challenges of planning a wind farm in the Alps. At a lofty altitude of 2500m above sea level, 20 wind turbines 100m tall need to be built. These wind turbines will produce 60 GWh per year to power 15,000 households. The engineering challenge is […]

Watching the 4th Dimension

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This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series January 2018

Tech tools for capturing change over time are changing… over time. Editor’s note: “The Purpose of Time Is to Prevent Everything from Happening at Once” is the title of a poem by X. J. Kennedy. But what if we want to know—all at once—everything that has happened at a particular location over time, for engineering […]