xyHt Magazine September 2018 Issue

Click on the cover below to view the September 2018 issue of xyHt magazine. Articles in the issue include (links will turn live throughout September):

  • QGIS: What Is It and How Does It Work? – An introduction to QGIS by Nick Bearman, noted GIS trainer and consultant at Geospatial Training Solutions and teaching fellow.
  • QGIS Details – How features are developed, plus details on releases, support, and plugins. 
  • QGIS Chair – An interview with Paolo Cavallini
  • Godfather of QGIS – An interview with Gary Sherman
  • Continuing Ed Outside Your Comfort Zone – Learn new skills by taking continuing education seriously.
  • The Rise of Value-packed RTK – Barriers are being removed for adaptable and inexpensive, high-precision GNSS.
  • Mini Map-Makers – Cartographer “Captain Alice” teaches children to read and use maps as a communication tool.
  • More Than Just Autopilot – Your UAS flight management system affects accuracy in photogrammetry, so get to know what you need.
  • Cooperative Effort Takes Off – Tapping into UAS technology creates possibilities for a northern Arizona utility.
  • Time & Progress – Anita Graser offers details on how far QGIS has evolved and the depth of the many features and plugins.

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